Judy Mason


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As an artist working with watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, my paintings, illustrations, drawings and other creations utilize a vivid color palette. I like images of high contrast and unusual combinations. These often result in the surreal and/or whimsical. More...

Graphic Design

My design areas include Display and Image Ads, Packaging, Logos and
Web Design. I aim to optimize the brand/product message(s), the return from that message and visual satisfaction.


I have performed voice-over for companies such as Walt Disney Productions, the American Dental Association, Imagineering/Table Rock, Jafra Cosmetics, sweepa, Touchstone Pictures. More...


My goal in using images that move is to move emotions, desires, inspiration and humor. More...


Color, sparkle, and uniqueness inspire my jewelry creations. I use sterling silver, gold-filled wire, fine silver. I also specialize in
wire-wrap techniques. More...

Ideas, Inspiration, etc...

*Sometimes ideas and inspiration come from my unconscious mind in the form of dreams, free association and musings. Other times, nature's beauty gives rise to a mixture of surprise creations.

*My connection with the spiritual world, or the desire to put forth an altruistic message, may invoke creation.

*The interweaving of multiple-media such as writing with art, or music with dance, might also bring forth the muse of inspiration.