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Costume Jewelry - Many Advantages

Costume jewelry has several attractive attributes in addition to lower price. Many people find that there are fewer worries of damage with simulated or less expensive materials. With advanced mass production techniques and cheaper labor, costume jewelry can rival fine jewelry in a number of ways.

Fine jewelry pieces carry prestige but also the burden of potential loss. As an alternative to this, costume (also called "fashion") jewelry has advantages over more pricey jewelry including greater accessibility, extensive selection, and peace of mind.

And telling the difference between fine and costume jewelry by sight can challenge the most adept jewelry lovers. Rhinestones or cubic zirconia are often mistaken for diamonds.

Vintage Costume Jewelry

When searching for "vintage" costume jewelry, you can quite possibly find a cost that is competitive with fine jewelry. The classification "antique" is often, but not always, synonymous with expensive and collectable.

Over time, fine jewelry can rise in value and be considered vintage. Costume jewelry, on the other hand, is considered more "disposable" and not collectable or vintage in most cases. However, when costume jewelry bears a designer name, it often moves into the "vintage" realm over time.

Designer Costume Jewelry

Craftsmanship and name brand recognition of costume jewelry varies greatly as does quality. When a popular or well-known designer's name appears on jewelry - even though made with base metals and gems - it generally commands a higher price. Designer fashion and costume jewelry are the grey area between fine and costume jewelry.

Costume Jewelry - Proms, Weddings and Beyond

Special occasions like weddings and proms call for a wide range of adornments. Most brides choose a diamond ring. Perhaps, however, the bridesmaids will be wearing lesser priced bridal jewelry embellishments - costume jewelry in other words. Possibly pearls.

Pearls can range from inexpensive to out of range for most people.

Considering the few downsides of costume jewelry, replacement cost is definitely a plus. Replacing a multi-carat diamond ring would be prohibitive compared to that of a ring with a stone of cubic zirconia. Day-to-day wear and tear, possible theft or damage make costume and fashion jewelry more popular in many cases for most.

Maybe you want the look of gold jewelry but can't afford its high price. Greater bonding and plating technology have made the process of coating costume jewelry these days very reliable and long lasting. Costume jewelry can now be be made with less expensive metals (sterling silver, copper and brass) and yet have the look of 10k or 14k gold.

When calculating your costume jewelry costs, it's good to know that better manufacturing techniques and larger supply offer an almost endless selection of styles than existed decades ago.

Jewelry - Styles and Prices

Though retail stores that sell jewelry are everywhere, you might think they are the perfect resource for excellent deals and prices on costume jewelry. Alas, typically even larger chains like Macy's and J.C. Penny's can only offer a limited selection of jewelry.

So, if you're looking for a specialized style or type of jewelry, whether pearl, diamond rings, rare or standard, you may be disappointed and hard-pressed to get what you want.

There are also a few downsides to costume and fashion jewelry such as:

  • Plated base metals may peal over time
  • It can have a cheaper look
  • Mass-production makes it less unique

Comparing the jewelry pros and cons will assist you in choosing the jewelry that best suits your, budget and overall satisfaction.

Costume Jewelry - Buying Tips

The saying "you get what you pay for" does not necessarily apply to costume jewelry. Quality does exist in lower price brackets. However, smart shopping, especially online, offers greater choice, discounts and "yes" quality at a competitive price.

Getting the best costume jewelry for a price you can afford is quite doable if you shop around before you choose a manufacturer or designer.

Costume Jewelry Comparison

If you're shopping for costume jewelry, you may already know the superstars of jewelry designers and companies. Certainly, you're looking for the best costume jewelry in your price range.

How do jewelry prices online compare with those you find while wandering through the aisles of your local retails stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, Khol's or Sears? How do you compare smaller less-known jewelry companies to costume jewelry designers and companies like Claires? Does history and pedigree really make a difference in jewelry quality, purchasing, and satisfaction?

If you're looking for the best price, research either online or in person will make a difference. If you're wanting to try on a piece, then going to a local retail store is more useful.

Advantages of Online Jewelry Shopping

Online guides can help you navigate through the maze of costume jewelry. Many jewelry buying aficionados today take advantage of online comparison shopping, choice, and extensive price savings on costume jewelry. Comparison shopping on sites such as Ebay, Etsy and Amazon have transformed the purchasing of jewelry into a global buyer's market.

Additionally, online buyers, depending on where they live, may not have to pay sales tax. Usually, they will have to factor in shipping costs.

Jewelry Online

To find the best jewelry choices, take a moment to browse my site or inquire about desired pieces, and contact me at jmason@judymason.net and I will assist you with selection, pricing and purchasing. Manufacturer inquiries are also welcome.