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Designer jewelry is one of the more popular types of jewelry.

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Jewelry created by or bearingthe name of a recognizable designer can be more coveted than non-designer pieces because the artist's name implies greater quality, prestige, and desirability.

As a result, designer jewelry generally commands a higher price than even similar jewelry made with more expensive materials:

For instance, designer costume jewelry (i.e., rings, pendants, or earrings) from a recognized jewelry designer made of base metals like copper, nickel or brass with silver plating could conceivably cost more than similar pieces made primarily of gold or silver because of the designer name.

Designer Jewelry - Reputation and Prestige

Jewelry designers build a reputation and particular style to garner the prestige, respect and higher price. Often, they are trained in design and/art either by apprenticing with a recognized designer or a respected art or jewelry institution.

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Wearable Art

Jewelry created and designed by trained artisans or designers can rise to a level where it is considered to be art or wearable art. Such jewelry can be found not only on the body but also in art museums and galleries.


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